Ice Dam Removal

We provide timely ice dam removal in Toronto, Ontario, but also offer ice damming preventive solutions and can remove snow from your roof too

Ice Dam Removal Toronto

Call us for ice dam removal in Toronto, Ontario. As roof experts, we have the equipment to do any repair work required at heights. Our technicians are insured and qualified and rush to your aid during the winter months. Since removing ice dams is urgent, Roofing Pro is prepared and organized to help local people as soon as possible. At our company in Toronto, you can find a plethora of ice damming solutions since we can remove the formed ice dams and snow, but also prevent ice dam forming. What we aim at is cleaning your roof from the dangerous ice dams, which can cause accidents if they fall, but also leaks.

Why ice dam removal is significant

With quick and effective ice dam removal, we spare you the nightmare of leaks. Ice dams are snow forming into ice when the temperatures are really low. They are also formed when the indoor temperatures, which are always higher than outdoor ones, warm up the roof structure under the shingles. Such heat in combination with the sunlight during the day melts down snow which then runs in the gutters where the temperatures are much colder. So melting snow refreezes forming the ice dams. During this journey water might find its way under the shingles or behind the fascia and perhaps inside the property. The attic ceiling and the rest of the property might be affected by leaks. And the only way to prevent such problems is with ice dam removal Toronto services.

Call us for urgent roof snow removal service

Our company also provides ice damming prevention. We can fix your roof so that melted ice won’t find cracks to penetrate into the property. Our company can insulate your attic so that indoor heat won’t affect extensively roof temperatures, but can also remove the snow in time for ice dams to build up. Although we provide emergency roof snow removal and can repair roof problems, you can still rely on our team to remove ice damming from your roof quickly. So call us to take care of such problems.

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