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At Roofing Pro, we strongly believe in customer satisfaction. And that’s accomplished with expert roof services. When roofs leak, are damaged, or must be replaced, customers need to rely on our services. With over 15 years of experience in roofing Toronto services, we have the skills to fix any problem with roofs of all types. Our company selects the best materials for the insulation of your attic, focuses on complex projects, and carries out any requested roofing job to the client’s satisfaction. And that’s what excellent customer service is to us.

When will you need our roofing services?

Is your roof leaking? Do you want to prevent leakage? Are the gutters clogged? Do you need an expert roofer Toronto tech to inspect their condition? Whether you are already aware of a certain roof problem or want to estimate its condition, let us help. Our roofing services in Toronto, Ontario, range from roof snow removal and gutter cleaning to attic ventilation, roof leak prevention, but also roof replacement. In other words, our team at Roofing Pro can repair and prevent roof problems and also provide winter services. Call us if you need:

  • An experienced Toronto roofer for urgent repairs
  • To talk with a qualified roofing contractor for future projects
  • Emergency leak Toronto roofing repair
  • Attic services ranging from weatherizing to sealing
  • Siding repair services
  • Gutter services ranging from installation to cleaning and repairs
  • Ice dam prevention and removal
  • Roof snow removal

Our goals at our Roofing Toronto company

Roofs must be strong, resistant, and well-sealed. In a different case, they might leak, ruin the curb appeal of your property, or even fall. So our goal at our Roofing Toronto business is to fix any problem quickly and by using the best roofing materials available on the market. Although our intention is to take care of problems before they extend to nightmares, like ceilings leaking water or roofs collapsing, we’ll be there to serve every single one of your needs. We provide quick roofing services, help you with snow in the winter, and can replace your old roof to keep you safe and sound.

Our Toronto roofers are expert technicians with the qualifications and skills to fix any problem. We are insured and certified to do any roof job and we’ll be at your property on time to serve your requests. Contact our company for any further information.

  • We Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

    Roofing Pro is a client-centered company. Your satisfaction is our goal, which is accomplished with hard work, emphasis on quality, focus on each project, and use of the best materials available on the market. Having a stable and waterproof roof over your head is what we aim at. And this is accomplished by providing full services, respecting your needs, and complying with all local building codes. Such an approach on our behalf guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

  • We Use Top Rated Materials

    There are many roofs on the market and also insulation materials and siding options. When customers are interested in roof replacement, attic insulation or siding installation, we recommend the best materials for long-lasting effects. Our company will also use durable gutters should you need gutter installation and innovative attic ventilation systems. Roofing Pro is updated with innovative products in the roofing industry and provides you with the very best but also the most appropriate ones for your property.

  • We Provide Quality Roofing Services at Fair Rates

    Roof replacement is one of the biggest projects. Although the selection of the roof materials makes a difference to the overall cost, we try to keep our rates low for your convenience. Our goal is to install new roofs, gutters, attic insulation and siding at fair rates. And that’s what we do. We offer roofing solutions for all budgets and do any repair work at the most competitive rates in Toronto. One thing we never compromise is our quality. And that’s why you can rely on our expert work without spending a fortune.

Why Choose Us

Fast Response Service

Some roofing projects need good planning, but some problems require urgent service. In either case, Roofing Pro will stand by your side. In the case of the latter, our roofers will help you urgently. We repair any roof problem fast, but also provide emergency roof snow and ice dam removal. Choose to call our company for your roof leak repair needs. We track down leaks and fix them in a timely manner.

Prevention of Problems

The entire team at Roofing Pro supports clients when they need roof, leak, or gutter repairs. But what’s best than preventing leaks or ice dam forming? By replacing the damaged roof, re-roofing, ventilating the attic, taking care of gutter damage, and providing a wide range of attic and roof services, we help water find its way away from your property and prevent leaks and property damage.

Full Roof Services

We can cover all your roof needs. Want a new roof? Need roof leak repair urgently? You can count on our roofing service expertise. From roof snow removal and ice damming prevention to roof replacement, leak repair, skylight installation, and roof caulking, we serve each one of your needs. We also provide attic services, ranging from attic insulation to air sealing and ventilation. Roofing Pro can install and repair siding, fix the gutters, and assess the overall condition of your roof.

Experienced Toronto Roofers

Our Toronto roofing contractors are experienced, insured, and certified. In other words, we have the qualifications but also insurance coverage to help you with any roof project. Our experts can make honest evaluations and assess the condition of your roof but also gutters. Bring big projects, like roof replacement, to us. Not only do we install any roof type properly, but also help you find the ideal roof style and material for your property. Our roofing contractor helps every step of the way whether you need new skylights or to fix the fascia.


Our Roofing Contractor Provides Full and Quality Roof Services in Toronto and the GTA!

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